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300 Drive

Dear Reader,

By the time you complete reading this short message over 2-3 lives of women would have been lost from cases of domestic violence; millions of women in the UK will be suffering from domestic related issues. 1 in 4 women in the UK suffer from DV during their lifetime in the UK. However, this may not reflect the minority communities and especially the Muslim communities due to the general reluctance of people within such communities speaking about it, as sadly it remains a taboo subject.

A marriage is where a man and woman come together to find peace and solace. It should be like a home that provides comfort, security, warmth and protection. However, unfortunately, for millions of people it is like a dungeon where there is continuous emotional, psychological and physical suffering.

Imagine if a close relative was being kicked, punched, verbally degraded, and treated like an animal while carrying a baby? Most people probably will not believe this happens. But, sadly, this does happen in our Muslim community. At Nour DV we receive countless of cases such as this one.

Within the last two years we have successfully helped over 200 clients from the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. A number of perpetrators have come forward for help and assistance to overcome their disease and sickness.

This Ramadan Nour along with Spring Foundation scholarship fund are fundraising to help those who suffer domestic abuse as well as facilitate future scholars who can help in this area through the SF Scholarship Fund. The fundamental idea is to inspire 300 individuals or families to donate or raise £100 each over the month of Ramadan 2012.

It took over 300 brave & Imaan driven companions (RadiAllahu anhum) to defeat the evil of the Quraysh during the month of Ramadan and it is hoped this Ramadan, 300 brave men and women will take the challenge of raising £100 each to give some hope to people who are suffering in silence. We want to ignite the same love, passion, determination the companions had on the day of Badr for this campaign, Insha’Allah.

Be part of this change in our community. Be part of the 300 drive! And let us drive out the evil of DV from our communities.

How do I become part of the 300 drive?

Simply visit the safe and secure virgin money site here, register and start your fundraising campaign. You will need to find the charity Nour when it asks you to select your charity, Insha’Allah.

For more information about the campaign please visit: www.300drive.com

Ramadan TV appeal. Wed 1st Aug 9PM – 3AM. Sky Channel 843

Donation Hotline: 0203 514 0994

Zakat Applicable!

Direct Bank Transfer
Nour Natwest
Account number: 65858557
Sort code: 51-50-03

You can also donate by making a cheque payable to ‘Nour’ and posting it to our address below:
Nour – Domestic Violence PO BOX 62954 London N9 1BT

Charity Number: 1144213


  • Boywonder1985

    so, how exactly are the funds being used here? to put people through schooling or lock up so called perpetrators?

    July 25, 2012 - at 7:58 am
  • Spice

    I think they help people who have suffered DV, can’t see anything else

    September 8, 2012 - at 2:47 pm

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