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Get to know Nour

Get to know Nour   We get asked one question often & regularly. Who founded Nour? Why was this initiative taken? And how did you manage to establish a charity?   The truth is, each time we are asked those same questions we forget how fa
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Stress & Depression, an Islamic Perception

Download here: Stress & Depression, an Islamic perception    
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Enough! A web of lies. A mesh of treachery. A snare of shams. Egocentric. Guilt blaming. Gas lighting. Stone walling. Narcissist. Separated. Now divorced. Still you control. Drama. Bored? Jaded? Scared I m
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A Wali of Mine

A wali of Mine It was a test I know, specifically designed for me. Whilst the physical pain of bruises have long gone with only scars remaining, the emotional pain still exists. It’s still an open wound. It is raw. Sensitive to touch. Often times I
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Why do people have to leave each other, when they love each other?

Why do people have to leave each other, when they love each other?   We had an odd relationship – He loved me, I know that and I loved him, more than anything in this world, but we just couldn’t work it out. We ended up hurting each other de
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Celebrating International Women’s day

  In celebration of International women’s day, Nour would like to honor four outstanding Muslim women who have worked tirelessly in their respective fields for the betterment of others around them. We find peace in the notion that such selfles

Hurting all over

  ‘Contrary to what critics of Islam may say, domestic violence is not permitted in Islam. In Nour’s domestic violence booklet, their Islamic advisors and consultant shuyookh explain the ‘misunderstood verse’ “… a

Does Domestic Violence have a cure?

Does Domestic Violence have a cure? A recent article in The Mirror relayed the accounts of four men, all of whom fall under that sprawling umbrella term ‘Domestic abuser’. The question posed was whether these men could, in time, be ‘cured’ of
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“It’s all your fault! You deserved it!”

“It’s all your fault! You deserved it!” The above words are commonly heard by victims of domestic abuse. And according to these words, it is they who are responsible for the actions of the abuser. I’m sure there are a number of “you what!
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Sexual Violence in Fashion Editorials

I have often found myself questioning how fashion magazines sometimes feature women in compromising poses, some which I find more worrying than others. I have found and selected three images, all taken from popular magazines of models being strangled
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